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Brownian Motion is your partner when it comes to recruiting! As a specified global networker, information provider and personnel consultation specialist in the areas of IT, ENERGY, FINANCE, ENGINEERING and MARKETING, we distinguish ourselves by supporting your enterprise with our synergetic and comprehensive search for new employees. „Contacts form Networks “. In keeping with this motto the founders of Brownian Motion united in 2011 and from the beginning offered their employees a professional and efficient platform from which to create optimum recruiting solutions for you!

Brownian Motion and its web is growing fast and our employees are proving on a daily basis that: "Our Network Is Your Capital" - by providing professional and quality conscious recruiting of candidates, fitted to the needs of our clients. We live off our network and you profit from it. Hence, Brownian Motion knows how to establish new contacts and develop them further.

Brownian Motion and our network is growing further, we would be happy about your contact with which we strive to form a mutually beneficial network for all.

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