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With the help of our specialization in the areas of IT, ENERGY, FINANCE, ENGINEERING und MARKETING our clients and candidates can access a big and international network. We act as the binding constituent between the our mandators and our candidates.


For us this concept describes a certain expectation we have in regards to properties that inevitably belong to our service. Our focus is quality instead of quantity. We oblidge by what the market expects and develop this impulse further. We are not looking for short lived contacts. Associations within our network between candidates and our clients is only created with both parties insent and rigid preperation. Our goal is to exceed the quality that the market expects.


Brownian Motion is a problem solver with focus on lasting relationships. Customer friendliness and service orientation are no empty phrases, but are deeply anchored in our values and form the guidelines by which we operate.


The key aspect here for Brownian Motion is the availability of information. Only if this state exists, can  certain decisions be effectively made in order to reach the entended purpose. A decision is a choice between alternatives. We will show you all alternatives and consult you according to your individual objective.


Synergies exist due to the integration of international networks and the experience of Brownian Motion within the different methods of recruiting. A client who works with Brownian Motion may have an advertisement of a vacancy in the FINANCE and IT sector for example. This creates a cooperation which allows numerous integrated processes. (Key Account Management).


Due to the young and dynamic structure, Brownian Motion can cater to all the clients wishes. We provide an objective, transparent and honest assessment of the difficulties in searching for candidates with the help of our assessment model and suitability judgement. This assessment is complemented by various and adaptable provision models.

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