"It is our mission to support both our client companies and candidates within the professional realm, for this we seek to bring both sides together, consult , advise, foresee, and create possibilities." – Founders of Brownian Motion GmbH

As a relatively young company with clear structures we have from the beginning onwards established a strong dynamism and flexibility. This is also the reason why our name Brownian Motion came to exist; Brownian Motion from a mathematical perspective, is a process that helps to model/analyze stochastical behavior of processes and allows to predict the future movement/development of these.

Brownian Motion differentiates itself from its competition by its excellent knowledge of the client’s needs in the market segments IT, ENERGY, FINANCE, ENGINEERING and MARKETING. Due to our long-standing expertise in our different market segments we are able to fast and efficiently cater to the needs of our clients.

We do not only distinguish ourselves by our technical competence, but also by our clearly defined principles. We have recognized that the often occurring sales tactics within the recruiting market are used by many consultancies with negative effect. Many companies regard these approach campaigns unpleasantly and collaborations often arise through a co-dependence rather than the actual desire for such a relationship. We renounce such an aggressive style of contact and understand that not everybody, companies and applicants, are constantly seeking new opportunities within recruiting. We are a professional consultancy seeking long-term partners who have a need that we can satisfy.

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