What does Brownian Motion do?

Brownian Motion places specialists within specific niche sectors und consults its customers on long-term personnel planning. Because of our young and dynamic structure, Brownian Motion responds compliantly to the wishes of its clienteles and is always interested in the sustainability of its customer and candidate relationships.

What does Brownian Motion mean?

The term Brownian Motion derives from the name of the Scottish botanist Robert Brown who in 1827 discovered and described the physical phenomenon and presumable random movement of atoms and molecular particles in a fluid or gas.

The company Brownian Motion shares this name because it likewise has its own dynamics and flexibility. Mathematically spoken, Brownian Motion is a formula calculating the stochastic motion of particles and giving a theoretical prediction towards the direction and movement. Even though the movement of people is just as difficult to predict, we try nonetheless to forecast the maximum of possible directions from which the most suitable can be chosen. In doing so, Brownian Motion not only supports companies in searching for the best suitable candidates but also helps candidates to make optimum use of their professional opportunities.

What are your competencies?

Our fields of competence particularly cover the sectors IT, ENERGY, FINANCE, ENGINEERING and MARKETING in which our specialists have built large and valuable international networks. The expertise of Brownian Motion is supporting companies and candidates in these sectors now and in the future. Our search methods are anything but mechanical; we operate as specialists for specialists!

What are your core areas of expertise?

Brownian Motion cooperates with both smaller, highly specialized companies and with renowned DAX 30 companies employing several hundred thousand people. The number of our cooperation partners is steadily growing without having undermined our high quality standards by quantitative guidelines or shareholders’ interests that are mostly disadvantageous to clients. At the same time, Brownian Motion is flexible and offers a wide range of services within human resources. These services we provide in the following areas:

IT - (Software Development, Software Architektur, Enterprise Architektur/Development, Data Warehouse, SAP, IT Projektmanagement, IT Consulting, System Engineering/System Administration, Testmanagement)

ENERGY - (Trading, Origination, Portfolio Management, Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, Relationship Management/Sales, Business Development, Risk Management, ETRM))

FINANCE - (Risk Management, Quantitative Analysis, Corporate Finance, Relationship Management/Sales, Trading, Accounting)

ENGINEERING - (HSE Management, Automotive-Testing, Funktions-Testing, Insassenschutz, Embedded Software Solutions, Quality Management, Project Management, Sicherheitstechnik, Sustainability)


How many specialists will I be in contact with?

With Brownian Motion you will have one specialist who will accompany you during the entire collaboration. Our specialists are very focused on specific areas. The need, industry and specialization of your company is compared to the know-how of our individual specialists and then the most suitable is allocated. This will then also be your key contact person. This allows for a long term relationship to be created.

How does the recruitment process with a specialist look like ?

Apart from the necessity of support in occupying specific positions, Brownian Motion thrives in providing multiple possibilities our clients can choose from. Our clients receive a comprehensive, individual consultation concerning their vacancies and the project strategy. Projects can also be carried out discreetly, without competitors knowing about the campaigns at hand. Specific headhunting campaigns are our speciality and can be carried out if the client wishes. Based on the expert knowledge of our recruitment specialists the search for our customer is adapted individually. The collaboration enables our clients to concentrate on their daily business.

What contract types are there?

Brownian Motion offers four different cooperation models based on the requirements and the difficulty of the mandate:

  •  Success-based Search: 

Including database search, network screening, ad placement and the presentation of one or two candidate profiles who are interested in the position and correspond to the job profile.

  •  Exclusive Success-based Search:

In this case, the client expresses his confidence in Brownian Motion by not involving any other recruitment consultancies / agencies. In addition to the abovementioned services, this model is enhanced by the attendance of the recruitment consultants during the job interviews as well as a search for and presentation of profiles until the position is successfully filled.

  •  Direct Search/ Retainer:

This service is offered for positions difficult to fill. The staffing / filling of of these positions requires an especially intensive support with regard to job advertisements, direct approaches / contacting, analysis and similar services. On this occasion, the commission is split up into 3 rates: when placing the order, after the presentation of candidate profiles and subsequent to the signing of the employment contract by the candidate. The staggering might be determined freely.

  •  Package Solution:

The client is also able to arrange a kind of „Flatrate“ (agreement) in which a certain fee is fixed for example for 10 positions to be filled. There is also the possibility to agree upon a fixed comission per placement.

The commission calculation is based on the annual gross salary of the candidate placed.


Is there a possibility to recruit without making it official?

Brownian Motion offers the possibility to search and find employees discretely. You can start your search without letting your competition know in which areas you are expanding. The anonymity also does not spread your name on the candidate market, which often creates a very “needy” appearance.  

How does Brownian Motion find the right candidate for a vacancy?

Due to the established experiences of our advisers Brownian Motion possesses extensive networks of international and highly qualified professionals and executives in the areas FINANCE, ENGINEERING, IT, MARKETING and ENERGY. These core areas of expertise at the same time form the pillars of Brownian Motion.

Built upon these pillars is our independently designed internal database which was specially intended and is constantly further developed for our intention; this being the expansion of a globalized network of candidates and clients that shapes upon mutually beneficial relationships. The worldwide interlinkage of Brownian Motions Network is centralized around and always available to our advisors. In view of our continuous expansion our Recruitment Specialists report on a persistent candidate inflow from the many regions of the world. Thus, Brownian Motion is able, within very short time periods, to sight suitable candidates dependent upon their experience and preferences and efficiently introduce them to vacant positions.

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