Times are changing, as is the economy!

Today recruitment consultancies are anchored entities within the human resource world of business and have developed to become reliant partners of many enterprises in various branches of industry. The demand for professional experience, experts and executives is rising continuously in Germany. The growing complexity of the economic configuration with more and more niche specializations and therein the demand for such professionals plays an ever so important role. We have recognized that these niches are in need of support and an injection that caters to the strong demand for candidates. Accordingly, we have strategically positioned ourselves where we are needed and therein deliver on our promise to create opportunities!

An important emphasis in the choice of our specialized markets lies in the creation of synergies. Today this is what distinguishes Brownian Motion from the rest. Apart from our qualitative approach, our partners value us for our overlapping network and expertise in the different markets we operate in. This allows for a diversified network of specialist partners, both candidates and companies, which none the less, due to the specialization are of interest to our network. Brownian Motion cannot supply the entire industry with a beneficial service. This we don’t promise and this we cannot supply. We are specified in key areas within IT, ENERGY, FINANCE, ENGINEERING and MARKETING and have positioned ourselves in a situation where we can accommodate these partners extensively. This we can promise and this we can supply!

The choice of our industries and markets makes Brownian Motion a partner with comprehensive focus. Whether you are a small family-run company seeking to vacate a niche position or an energy giant seeking gas traders, IT specialists, finance individuals or even safety experts; we dedicate ourselves to finding the prospects you seek. We operate as specialists for specialists!

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