Our Engineering Specialists

Core Areas of Expertise

  • HSE Management
  • Automotive-Testing
  • Functions-Testing
  • Passenger Protection
  • Embedded Software Solutions
  • Quality Management
  • Project Management
  • Safety Engineering
  • Sustainability


  • Plant & Mechanical Engineering
  • Process & Chemical Engineering
  • Environment & Energy Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Medical Engineering
  • Building Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology


The role of the modern engineer is expanding due to multiple dynamic changes in the engineering sector.

Excessive CO2 emissions from vehicles, for example, will accelerate the expansion of climate-neutral vehicles in the future. Not only the increase of reduction targets of CO2 emissions of new cars in favor of higher-ranking climate protection goals, but also the general interests of society nowadays are the reason for enormous investments in research and development in favor of environmentally friendly technologies, such as electric vehicles with inherent driver assistance systems and autonomous driving models.

Likewise, innovative developments in IT, artificial intelligence as well as automatization and electrical engineering are driving the digital transformation of industry 4.0 to new potentials that engineers and businesses must now adapt to achieve economic success. The new connectivity in industry with regard to various IT and technology sectors not only creates more competitiveness and better jobs, but above all, seminal business segments. Innovative business models are mainly created by highly complex robotics and human-robot interface in terms of assistance robotics in production processes. Advanced automation technology with machine learning and industrial IT solutions as well as IT software will soon become the standard for more efficient factory and energy technology. Mechanical and plant engineering as well as electrical and control technology, will be just as significantly influenced by this general digitalization, on the basis of these developments.

Due to the above-mentioned advancing technology, but also by some norms and regulations of legislation such as the EN ISO 9001, poses problems for the multifaceted quality management, as an organizational measure for the improvement of process quality, services and products of an enterprise, as it is constantly in danger of disturbances in the quality assurance process. Just as in all industrial enterprises, a demonstrable and consistently high quality is especially important in segments of the automotive and medical industry. The current standards IATF16949 for quality standards in the automotive industry as well as the standard ISO 13485 of the medical segment show, for example, the novel approaches that engineers and companies not only have to deal with, but above all should implement in the best possible manner to generate an effective process and product quality as well as optimal customer satisfaction.

In addition to the enormous demand for engineers with specialization in mechanical and automotive as well as energy and electrical engineering, there is also a growing demand for civil engineers. Due to low interest rates as well as investment and renovation needs in residential constructionand in public infrastructure, a high demand for experts in civil engineering will determine the future of the engineers' labour market.

The industry of the future is thus made up of the interfacing of factors such as machines, IT and people. We believe that by making the best possible use of development potential we can make the right changes for your company. Brownian Motion GmbH provides you with experts from the engineering sector with the best possible suitability with the aid of a selected portfolio and under consultation with our industry-experienced specialists of the engineering team.

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