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The importance of digitization has risen immensely in the last few years from the viewpoint of many CIOs and thus means a profound but also necessary change in business models, structures and systems of numerous companies. The implementation of selective activities within digitization technologies needs to make way for the development of broader digitization strategies across large areas of a company in order to maintain competitiveness.

For example, software development has experienced a significant acceleration as a result of this progress, which often requires not only classical development, but also completely new approaches. Proprietary software development is currently the ultimate option for improving a company's products and services. Furthermore, the growing dynamism and complexity within the IT industry implies a greater need for flexible and agile solution and process approaches with the help of software specialists that correlate with the culture of DevOps models. Unlocking innovative potential is only feasible for those IT experts with core competencies in software development who can contribute to the success of the company with their efficiency and innovative strengths.

The dynamic development of Internet of Things, for example, and the mounting interconnection of such IoT systems within a global IT infrastructure, currently demonstrates the tremendous potential for diverse businesses and their respective product or service designs. Not only lifestyle products, but all kinds of equipment are increasingly becoming the focus of these smart technologies.

Furthermore, hybrid clouds, virtual and augmented reality as well as cognitive computing are just a few of many areas of digital transformation that are becoming progressively relevant to businesses and to today's society, as they enable business processes to be more fully automated, resulting in workflows to become more efficient, increase employee productivity and minimize costs. Last but not least, the digitization and processing of big data, which is now one of the greatest assets to companies, also creates the need to detect, prevent and respond to security risks. Data security, in addition to the threat posed by cyber-attacks and alongside compliance requirements, especially with regard to GDPR guidelines, are the most important elements that IT specialists need to know about nowadays.

Via digitalization and the subsequent implementation of new technologies, there are plenty of viable achievements, such as the enhancement of greater operational excellence, protection of the market position, improvement of the shopping and service experience of customers, or the opening of new areas of business.

The biggest challenge most CIOs are facing is the lack of employees with the right know-how to keep pace with these developments. Too rigid organizational structures, unclear distribution of responsibilities on the various positions and the absence of comprehensive planning design aggravate this problem appreciably.

For the ideal outcome and success of digitization, the establishment of an interdisciplinary team of IT specialists as well as digitally savy executives is imperative. To correct this difficulty, we provide you with our extensive network of selected IT experts as a promising solution package for your company in consultation with our recruitment specialists in the area of IT competence, so that a targeted recruitment of employees with convergent expertise can be achieved.

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