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In times of rapidly evolving Web 3.0, a constant update of the current state of a company in terms of software, tools, technologies, but also particularly the skills and know-how of its employees is necessary to outline their future competitiveness. Everything is becoming more digital and mobile - consumer behavior and consumer needs are changing rapidly in the face of many diverse innovations. Even if offline marketing still has a large impact within corporate marketing strategies, marketers still must keep up with the times when it comes to online marketing, so that the company's marketing plan can be successfully implemented.

One of the most profitable roles in long-term marketing strategies are digital talents. The digital talent gap accurately represents the lack of marketing professionals with digital competencies who can effectively coordinate and keep track of new online marketing channels, innovations and marketing trends.

As relevant as content marketing still is, it is dominated by the attention dilemma in today's information overload and particularly shows the need of marketing specialists who are willing and able to go new and unusual ways to get out of the broad mass of advertising efforts of many companies. After all, valuable content is content that only arises through the individual commitment of those data experts.

Better user experience through machine learning and marketing automation, conversion optimization, social media marketing with indispensable visual content, lead generation and search engine marketing using data analytics tools are such core topics, which can only be implemented by these marketing experts effectively and thus serve to attract attention as well as increase brand awareness.

Gained findings from large databases of big data, always in accordance with guidelines such as the GDPR, are also relevant for data-driven marketing. All the voluntarily given behavioral and demographic information of consumers is used by specialized marketers to provide decision makers of a company with an up-to-date reflection of their respective customer behavior. Especially in connection with ever-increasing amounts of data, the condition and correct analysis of customer data through specialized expertise is crucial for the success of data-driven marketing. For example, changes in purchasing behavior or in the perception of the relevant brand can be made more concrete. By optimizing campaigns or improving customer care in the long term, efficiently organized into data warehouses through such data-driven marketing, you can increase sales figures and traffic, ultimately resulting in a huge competitive advantage for businesses of all sizes.

The stagnation of the company's own growth processes can therefore be remedied by filling the digital talent gap, which is regarded as a driving force for innovation and future viability. To help companies not to lose their competitive edge, our recruitment specialists with marketing expertise provide exactly those marketers that are needed to close the digital talent gap by utilising our selected network of marketing professionals. Through our own professional knowledge, we guarantee the best possible consulting service to ensure an analysis and subsequent solution in finding the best candidates for your company.

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