Your Benefit

"Brownian Motion acts as a problemsolver during the entire phase of the recruitment cooporation."- Founders of Brownian Motion GmbH

Your Benefits:

  • On account of our young and dynamic structure Brownian Motion adapts to the wishes of our partners and is anxious to build lasting customer and candidate relationships.
  • Sound market knowledge of current developments in the specialized sectors of IT, ENERGY, FINANCE, ENGINEERING and MARKETING.
  • Continuous networking and candidate screening within the leading enterprises of Europe.
  • Distinctive national and international network of client and candidate connections.
  • The intercultural abilities of the Brownian Motion specialists help with the understanding of local perticularities and make communication and problemsolving easier to handle.
  • Our service, whether produced within qualification discussions, personal meetings, interviews or contract negotiations are solely and exclusively the responsibility of each individual recruitment specialist and his area of expertise.
  • Transparent documentation of our working processes with regular status reports and updates.


The demand for professionals and executives within the industrial, commerce and energy sectors has continuously risen in Germany during the past 60 years. The rising complexity of the economic structures with an ever increasing movement towards niche specializations and the efforts to generate such experts has and will play an increasingly important role to the industry of recruitment.

Adding to this transformation are the additional resources needed by companies in order to provide an efficient recruitment system for the individual workforces they seek. The web has helped companies market their vacant positions, but even these tools do often not reach the desired candidates. Human resource departments are often very understaffed and have numerous internal objectives that do not coincide with recruiting.  

It is our objective to seek and find the specialists and executives who increase the value of the clients company with lasting effect. With a distinct assessment and consulting and under careful use of the correct resources we will create the strategic scheme that will suit your project and bring about an efficient outcome

For instance, it can be tough trying to find a SAP Banking Adviser prepared to travel with five years of experience. And where does one find a French speaking Energy Trader with experience in the German market? Where should one find 2-3 hours extra time a day searching for the ideal specialist if one does not know HOW, WHERE to look and WHICH method to use?


Brownian Motion as Problem Solver!

Apart from the necessity of support in occupying specific positions, Brownian Motion thrives in providing multiple possibilities our clients can choose from. Our clients receive a comprehensive, individual consultation concerning their vacancies and the project strategy. Projects can also be carried out discreetly, without competitors knowing about the campaigns at hand. Specific headhunting campaigns are our speciality and can be carried out if the client wishes. Based on the expert knowledge of our recruitment specialists the search for our customer is adapted individually. The collaboration enables our clients to concentrate on their daily business.

Brownian Motion serves as your contact during the entire cooperation phase. The personal contact and the therein long-lasting trust form the benefit for our clients and for us. Networking is about communication, trust and reliance. We have such a network within IT, ENERGY, FINANCE and ENGINEERING. The benefit can thus be found in your networkand the speed by which this allows us to operate.

The Process

Kick-off Meeting

Start of the process with a personal kick-off meeting, discussion regarding the action points and procedure, Selection of search methods.

Requirements Planning

Illustrating the precise definition of the vacant position in order to achieve the exact alignment between the search criteria and the potential candidate.

Candidate Search

Different methods of search including various media, resources and the preferences of our client.

Selection / Qualification

Analysis of received profiles, qualification dialogues with candidates, judgment of "soft skills“ and the according selection of the suitable profiles.

Progress Reports

Our clients receive regular progress reports about our efforts „behind the scenes“.


Representative introduction of suitable candidates with appropriate information, comments, advice and recommendation.

Interview Process

Appointment coordination and preparation of all involved parties, including participation in the conversation.

Contract Negotiation

Matching of the client and candidate preferences, Mediation, communication of possible and impossible partial aspects of potential contracts.

Offer of Contract

Providing information about contract offer, evaluation of the situation, gathering and providing feedback and avoidance of misunderstandings.

APM (After Placement Meeting)

Continuous contact and service delivery with the client after the completion of the project, reflection of the process, mistake analysis, improvement of process.

Our Candidates

Core Areas:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Lichtenstein
  • Luxembourg

Emerging Areas:

  • France, Belgium, Netherlands
  • Denmark, Sweden, Norway
  • Greece, Italy, Spain
  • Great Britain
  • Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • USA, Canada


Due to the established experiences of our advisers Brownian Motion possesses extensive networks of international and highly qualified professionals and executives in the areas IT, ENERGY, FINANCE, ENGINEERING and MARKETING. These core areas of expertise at the same time form the pillars of Brownian Motion.

Built upon these pillars is our independently designed internal database which was specially intended and is constantly further developed for our intention; this being the expansion of a globalized network of candidates and clients that shapes upon mutually beneficial relationships. The worldwide interlinkage of Brownian Motions Network is centralized around and always available to our advisors. In view of our continuous expansion our Recruitment Specialists report on a persistent candidate inflow from the many regions of the world. Thus, Brownian Motion is able, within very short time periods, to sight suitable candidates dependent upon their experience and preferences and efficiently introduce them to vacant positions.

Our service offers you more than just a recruitment service of professionals and executives. We accompany you during the entire process and help with administrative questions just as with long-term career planning. Our specialists act as advisers and are the interface between our clients and candidates. We connect people. Accordingly Brownian Motion also aims at creating lasting relationships with candidates and looks to stay in long term contact even after a successful mediation.

Our Network

"Our search methods are not mechanical, we operate as specialists for specialists."- Founders of Brownian Motion Gmb

Within the search for suitable candidates Brownian Motion uses all available channels. An evaluation of the preferred candidate profile with the established, international network of our individual advisers is the first step of action. The internal database is the second step within our comprehensive search, which exists of a widespread candidate pool of highly qualified professionals and executives and is updated constantly. Valuable contacts with potential candidates are formed by our advisers with meetings, fairs, professional conferences and in universities as well as through recommendations, references and our reputation. We always try to expand our network though our network!

Within a few days an exclusive choice of suitable candidates for the vacant position is presented to the client. The search and presentation occur in close collaboration with you, such as our collaboration methods, which range from contingent searches to retained agreements.

Price Models

We adapt to your needs!

Brownian Motion offers four different cooperation models depending on the task at hand, hence the magnitude and difficulty of the mandate. To investigate this we have created our own rating tool. With pleasure we look forward to discussing the individual forms and possibilities in a non-binding analysis of your vacant position.

  • Contingent Search:

This search method contains our internal data base search, network search, online advertisement and the delivery of a small number of potential candidates which are interested in the position and correspond to the requirements.

  • Exklusive Contingent Search:

In giving us the exclusive mandate and therein solely trusting in our capabilities as recruitment specialists we will do everything in our power to not lose this trust. In the contrary, we hope to build this trust further. In addition to the above mentioned services, this variation shows more commitment and focus from our specialists. Our advisers take part in the interview process, more time investment and determination goes into the search and delivery of the candidates until the position is successfully filled.

  • Direct Search / Retainer:

This service is offered for positions with very special requirements. The occupation of these vacancies requires an especially intensive assistance with marketing, headhunting, analysis and research services. This mandate contains a split payment method wherein the client pays split in three rates: after the assignment is approved, after the first interview with candidates and after the contract is signed by the candidate.

  • Flat-Rate Option:

Here a kind of "Flatrate" can be put into place. This method is taken on mostly by clients we have long lasting relationships with and who trust our service. Here 10 vacant positions are taken into account and a certain flat-fee is fixed. Alternatively, the possibility on agreeing on a steady monetary amount per mediation also exists.

The commission fee is calculated on behalf of the gross year salary of the provided candidate.

Further Services

We go the extra mile!

Next to the recruitment of staff within well-chosen niche markets, Brownian Motion offers other services. In view of a lasting collaboration with our clients we provide support in various areas:

Staff Requirements Planning

Here Brownian Motion operates as an external adviser. According to the pre-established needs analysis we recommend future suggestions of partnership. The analysis, planning, advisory and search is viewed as a mutual project which provides for an intimate collaboration.

Progress Reports

During the procedure of a project, progress reports are written and passed on to the client. The reports are sent to the client and contain the description of all the activities of Brownian Motion during this consultation and date of report. The purpose of this is a clear communication with the client. This guarantees that the service strategy and the requested requirements, if necessary, can be adapted. Transparency is key factor in our success.

APM (After Placement Meetings)

After a successful placement the duties of Brownian Motion are not done. The Project is not yet closed. Firstly, we still act as an advisor for our client. Secondly, it is important to us to discuss the course of the project. The feedback of our clients is worth gold to us. This information helps us analyse our advisors and their processes, costumer commitment and the overall future preferences of our client.    

Market Trends and Analysis

Studies and market analyses in the areas IT, ENERGY, FINANCE, ENGINEERING and MARKETING are offered to our clients. This information is based on own market surveys and market analysis by Brownian Motion which uses its candidates and clients as important sources of information but also as knowledge receivers.

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